How to store Shiljait?

Liquid shilajit should be stored inside the refrigerator or in another cool place. You can also store it at a room temperature. When you mix it with a hot liquid, it should be consumed throughout the same day. Cold mixtures and creams may be stored refrigerated for 1-2 weeks. On the other hand, solid shilajit should be stored at room temperature. You can also keep it in the refrigerator, but when it becomes cold, you may have some difficulty cutting the right dosage. If it is too hard, use a hairdryer to soften it and scissors to make the cut. When shilajit becomes too hot, however, it may stick to the container. Wait for it to cool down if this happens. Shilajit itself has antibacterial and antifungal properties, but we still recommend that you store it inside closed jars. For liquid shilajit try to not to over-tighten the cap. If you have any difficulty opening the jar, place it under running hot water for about a minute and try again. After you open shilajit it can be stored for a period of 2 – 3 years. Please be sure to keep our products out of the reach of children.


How long will it take to work?

Many people report feeling improved energy and stamina levels within 10 days. For maximum benefits, we recommend taking one to three portions of Shilajit per day over a 6-8 week period.


What Does it contain?

Essentially Shilajit Resin consists of Fulvic, Folic and Humic acids; Iron Fe 26; Zinc Zn 30; Magnesium Mg 12; Copper Cu 29; Nickel Ni 28; Potassium K 19; Manganese Mn 25; Silicon Si 14; Silver Ag 47; Sodium Na 11; Sulfur S 16; Iodine; Strontium Sr 38; Rubidium Rb 37; Cesium Cs 55; Barium Ba 56; Phosphorus P 15; Chromium Cr 24; Antimony Sb 51; Vanadium V 23; Molybdenum Mo 42; Carotenoids retinol, Terpenoids; B, C, E vitamins; Melanoidin; Benzoic acid; Polyphenol complexes; Dibenzo-alpha pyrones; Phospholipids Triterpenes and Phenolic acids; Albuminoids; Bioflavonoids; Hippuric and Oxalic acid; Tannic acid; Glycosides



"How long does shipping usually take?"

Processing Time: Order verification, tailoring, quality check, and packaging. All orders are sent to the manufacturer for dispatch within 24 hours after the order is placed. The manufacturer will process the orders, which takes an additional 1–3 days. Shipping time: This refers to the time it takes for items to be shipped from our warehouse to the destination. International delivery usually takes about 3-6 business days. If ever you have questions about shipping please contact our support and we will be glad to help answer your questions!

"Where are the products being shipped from?"


"I've ordered several designs. Will they all arrive in one package?"

Depending on the weight.

So Yeah, Don't panic if you didn't receive all of your designs yet - They're on the way!

What happens if I don't get my parcel on time?

There might be situations that are beyond our control, such as weather, slow post office or other unexpected issues. Please notify us about it and we will do our best to ensure you will get your package ASAP. We will appreciate your patience while we are taking care of it.

Are items refundable?

All sales are final. Unless theres is a defect with the product (arrives broken) etc. If there is an issue with the product please contact customer support.



  •  In order for the above guarantee to be effective, the consumer must have used the product for a minimum of 30 days
  • If returning an item that is NON-DEFECTIVE, the customer is liable for all return shipping costs