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Vegamind is currently looking for new brand ambassadors to promote our products to new customers.

We are looking for people who share our passion for healthy, vitamin rich, eco-friendly and multipurpose supplements. At the moment we are selling a product called Shilajit. Shilajit is not in any way a new product, it has been used in Asia for several thousands of years already. Shilajit is a black or dark brown compressed substance of humus and plant materials which have been pressed together under rocks for millions of years. Shiljait is found in several different places, it is often connected to the Himalayan mountains but can also be found in for example Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia and Tibet. The substance, Shilajit, has been called ”Conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness”, which for many reasons is a well deserved name. Shilajit contains an impressing 85+ minerals, including zinc, iron, magnesium and leucin to name a few. Apart from that Shilajit also contain trace elements which the human body either need or benefit from and fulvic acid which helps the body to take up all the minerals in Shilajit. Due to these high levels of minerals and other elements Shilajit has for a long time been used to make people feel better, improve performance and to increase general health. Some sources go as far to say that Shilajit can cure almost any kind of disease, which is why Shilajit often is considered to be an ayurvedic medicine rather than a supplement.

As we touched upon in the last section, Shilajit has a lot of different benefits when it comes to health-related issues. Several studies on Shilajit have been made and research has shown that Shilajit can increase your brain function or hinder the degradation of the brain function, one study from the International Journal of Alzheimer's disease even argued that Shilajit potentially can help Alzheimer's patients. Studies has also showed that Shilajit can decrease cellular damage in your body which essentially means that it can, potentially, slow down the aging of your body. Another study in the Journal of Medicinal food argues that Shilajit can improve the human bodys response to exercise and the study also found that Shilajit improved muscle adaptation and decreased fatigue. Shilajit can in other words potentially help you lose weight faster and increase muscle volume faster than you normally could. Furthermore, to name a few additional benfits, Shilajit can help people with anemia, overall health, chronic fatigue, fertility, heart health and one study even showed positive results for liver cancer patients who used Shilajit. The potential benefits are without any doubt huge. It is important however to remember that all people do not get the same effect from Shilajit and the substance is still in need of a lot more research.




How does it work?

You, as a brand ambassador will get a personal link to our store. Then it is up to you to promote our product on your social media, or any other way you like. You will then earn commission from each sale you make with this link. It is up to you how much you earn. The more you work to promote our product, the more commission you will receive.

We will provide you with content that you can use to promote our products.

We also have a reward system with different levels which means that you will earn more commission for each level you achieve. The system is displayed below:




Reward system

Bronze Tier: 10% Commission & 10% off for the customer – This is your starting level.

Silver Tier: 12% commission & 10% off for the customer – You will reach this level after 100 sales.

Gold Tier: 15% commission & 10% off for the customer – You will reach this level after 250 sales.

Diamond Tier: 20% Commission & 10% off for the customer – You will reach this level after 500 sales.

Furthermore, we have 30 cookie days, which means that if a customer uses your link but does not purchase anything right away our program will remember that customer for 30 days and if the customer comes back and makes a purchase within those 30 days you will still get your commission for that customer.

Do not hesitate to apply if you are interested and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

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